Welcome “Inside”…

DC Universe Online Brady Guide Book If you’ve found this page, you must be truly dedicated to finding any scrap of information about DC Universe Online that is out there. This here is my meager web repository of “stuff I know about this game”. It’ll also be where I post my opinions and views because, well, some things cannot live, without sanction, on the official DC Universe Online web forums and a simple social media feed is too diffuse with commentary to effectively get points across. While I will still use both to communicate with a majority of community members, this will be my own little corner of the DCUO community and will serve as my direct platform.

So, what should you expect to see here? Mostly stuff that might be helpful to know about the game, how specific settings work, a little bit of information on techniques and powers, how to get specific feats, and other things I have learned over the 5+ years playing the game. You will also, from time to time, get my views on the direction of the game, how I feel about certain aspects of the game community, and other commentary. My plan is to keep this simple, fun, and easy to navigate.

The front page (where you are now) will likely have a combination of news and editorials. You’ll have to navigate using the various categories for the rest. As I dig into what I know and get it posted, I’ll link through to a few Facebook pages, Twitter, and the official forums to let people know what new information is up. Eventually, I’ll have videos and other media on the site but for now, I’m focusing on the text.

Something else to know is that I have commenting turned off on this site because a) I don’t have time to moderate and b) this is more up as a repository of information stacked with my own opinions. Since I’m paying for it, I figure I’m entitled to be a bit of a dictator with regards to the content found here…

In any case, welcome aboard and thanks for stopping by!

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